We went for Dining Week CPH| DINING WEEK FOOD CRAWL 3/3 | Kul

This was our 3rd and last stop for Dining Week. We had such a good experience food-crawling for this food festival and decided we’d definitely do this again next year.

I’m new in Copenhagen, officially moved last August, and really don’t know much about places to eat in the city.

Looking through the list of restaurants participating in Dining Week was great. I’m surprised about the variety and look forward to trying a lot more places.

Hope this little set of vlogs gives a good peek at the food scene here (so much more to come ofc).

This place was KUL. Right in my new hood. Love the many little eateries in the meatpacking district, and up and down Vesterbro. Could eat out for a long time before trying all of these.

Let me know what you think about the vid here. Also, leave links or names of places in the comments. Recommendations are always welcome.

Dining week, was a great experience. I just wish it was spread out a little more so that we could have visited more restaurants.

My article on this Food Festival published in the local at the link below .

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