The Naked Run

By Ester Rose Wadsworth

(Published in the Orange Press 6/July/2018)

But my parents will never know…

«I was nervous because I hadn’t actually been training before the race «

Probably most of the other runners are hung-over and tired out after almost a week of camping in what’s been one of Denmark’s hottest summers, not to mention partying in true Roskilde style. But it was pretty clear that she was used to competing.

She’s a college track athlete from Kentucky who heard about Roskilde’s Naked Run in class. And yes she won the women’s category.

Word about this little race has made international news and this year we had several international runners who came specifically to race.

Just after winning, 19-year-old college student, Lily, told us about how she ended up running today. »My class studied about Roskilde festival, so we were looking at the Facebook events and we saw photos of the naked run from last year. I am a track athlete, so I thought I want to do that. «

»It felt awesome! I wasn’t nervous about being naked. I was nervous because I wasn’t actually prepared for the meet. I hadn’t actually been training, so it was weird just showing up and running when I haven’t been working out. But I’m just glad I could run. I just didn’t know what to expect! «

While she wasn’t phased by running naked, the question begged to be asked about just what about mom and dad back home would say? She laughed,

»They will never know, I hope. «

Meanwhile, we are afraid her amazing win, in only painted-on yellow flowers and a pink triangle today, will make news, perhaps even all the way back to Kentucky.

And she will be back!

»I just won a free ticket for next year, that’s kinda why I did it. I needed a reason to come back, to the festival, to Copenhagen. «

To those back home and all the readers out here she said

“Roskilde fucking rocks! More kids from USA should come here. “

The Italian Troop

Lily wasn’t the only non-Dane to run. A group of Italians who are diehard Star Wars fans showed us how it’s apparently possible to dress up and still be naked.

The force was strong with these three, when they ran together today. It was impossible to miss the team of 2 storm troopers and an unusually nude Darth Vader. Vader actually tripped and fell during the first round of the race, but was quickly up on his feet and running again.

Mauro was here two years ago and saw the race, and says

»We thought it was a cool & fun thing to do when we were here «

While he does run regularly, this was his first stint as a painted, nude trooper, with a strategically placed florescent green ring around, you know, his saber. But he said,

»It was great. It was very liberating! «

And he will also be back next year! Lets hope the trooper team grows.

There was a obvious feel of togetherness and just wild abandon amongst the runners, as they held hands with their running buddies, whooped and encouraged each other along on the 2 laps they ran.

On Again Next Year

This yearly tradition, a naked race for the win, was a total success today. So many lined up waiting eagerly to see the runners. Family, friends, camp buddies, and masses of festival guests stood, of course with cameras and phones ready to capture this 2 minute race.

It was overcast and a little cold, but spirits were very high. Those last 15 minutes before the runners came out seemed like an eternity, but when they did show up, it was well worth the wait.

Winners get a free ticket to Roskilde Festival next year. And of course the race will be on again next year. So if you are feeling brave, save up, train up and join in! Keep in mind you might end up on national television.

WTF Section

How To Trap a Swede, Danish-Style!

Ok, ok, it seems there is no end to signs of this age-old feud between the Danes and Swedes. But this silly tradition in Danish is called svenskerfælderne, directly translated ‘Swedish Traps’. It can be anything between a camping chair missing a leg, or a hole dug on a rainy day that unsuspecting guests fall into, ending up knee-deep in mud. Certain troublemakers have made a tradition out of setting these traps and waiting for the poor Swedes to come by. So, note to the blonde’s out there, don’t be mistaken for a Swede, and for the real Swedes, maybe wear boots.

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