The Amish Gone Wild!

(Published in the Orange Press 4/July/2018)

Lets set this straight right off; the name “Amish Camp” is wildly misleading! Right up until you realize that they are living out the “Rumspringa” or the adolescent period where all Amish teenagers get a year off.

» In Rumspringa, you do everything! Sex, drugs and Rock n’ Roll! « says Niels.

Offering beer and shots, playing loud music and beer bong, » whatever happens at Rumspringa, stays at Rumspringa! « Niels explained! The beating heart of their concept is to do all the cool stuff!

The Orange Feeling

In wild contrast to the winter vibe — that familiar feeling that everyone is keeping to themselves to hide out from the freezing winter — the feeling out here is totally different!

On this side of the fence it’s a wild and happy mix of freedom, sunshine, stripping down, living in the moment and listening to awesome music.

Neils Deppe, and Kasper Kildeberg, gave a tour of their camp and a rundown on this concept that everyone is talking about, ‘The Orange Feeling’.

» The Orange Feeling is Aggressive Friendliness! And getting people as drunk as possible! « Kasper says.

»If you do something for other people, they will do something for you.« Like when they helped a guy with the solar cells on his caravan and now have chilled beer 24/7.

Meanwhile the neighbor camp, Partylöwen has been by with watermelon, garlic bread, beer, bubbles, and a fresh air pump. With this type of care and attention, it’s obvious why no one wants the Festival to end.

Why the Amish Theme

»With 130,000 people camping, a theme, outfit and flag helps with finding people from your own camp.« Says Kasper.

They chose an Amish theme, because they felt that the Amish have an attitude of helpfulness and that’s what they wanted for their camp. »This is the thing we bring to the festival in our camp! We make people happy.« Says Niels.

They’ve also taken inspiration from the old fashioned cashless style of trading items. The Amish »give the man a hat and he will build you a house « concept.

And although for the most part they have taken the wildest approach to being Amish, they did take a trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania last year. All their hats are authentic. An Amish hat maker, fixed up hats worn by real Amish guys, and they flew 45 of these over to Denmark and are wearing them proudly today.

It’s also a big deal to them to make their camp as international as possible. They’ve reached out and invited guys from Kenya, Mexico, Germany and Switzerland and welcome everyone.

They are all about sharing, giving back and spreading the Orange Feeling that is such a massive part of why they are here.

The Orange Feeling & The Roskilde Blues

After 9 days, or more with the coolest people, there is a real-life down after the Festival. »You won’t be together with all those friends for a year.«

That feeling, that it’s over, can be so overwhelming. One from the press team reports not being able to sleep after the festival.

She had it so bad as a teenager that her and her brother slept out in the living room with mattresses and loud music, trying to bring back the festival camping feel just so they could sleep.

There are confessions of hangover-induced fevers, sore throats, sunburn and basically feeling blue.

»It takes 9 days to recover!« says Niels.

But we are absolutely not at that point yet. The music starts today and the party is just getting started!

WTF Section

Banging in the wind

Alongside many other awesome and iconic festival items, two blowup creatures, Alien and Cow,  have made a name for themselves, as they get busy to the beat of the live music.

On the Tuborg cans one year, as well as the festival wristband, perhaps they are close to upstaging the Orange Stage as the symbol of Roskilde Festival.

Hoisted three and a half meters above the crowd the sight of these two has interrupted a few concerts when the unsuspecting artists caught sight of this sideshow. You have to see them live to get it.

They are celebrating their twentieth birthday out here and will be doing their thing as per usual. Keep an eye out for them!

(For those who haven’t seen it — video below )

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