August 2018, I moved to Copenhagen, officially. Though I was couch-serving in the Copenhagen area for most of 2018. I still feel so new to the city and the happenings here in so many ways.

But I have begun exploring, and this is also what much what this YouTube channel will focus on and feature.

Danish Pancakes while we were there

Thursday last week I bought a one-year Tivoli card, my first. This was to be able to see all the live concerts over the spring and summer season in Tivoli. There will actually be 24 concerts, and I’ll be able to see them all for just 350 Danish Kroner.

The first concert was exactly an hour after my bar shift, and it was nearly impossible to get through the crowd at Tivoli. There were 20,000 people at that concert. I really only saw the last 45 minutes.

But this week, tomorrow, we’ll be in to see Joey Moe. He’s a Danish-Hawaiian hip hop and pop singer. We plan to do a little filming of this concert and hopefully we’ll be early enough to get a spot and a beer for me too. Last week, when I got there everyone else already had drinks, some were good and drunk and a few out to puke when I finally found them. lol

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