We booked this trip a few months back, just as soon as we knew when Dennis could get off work. The week up to our vacation was so insanely busy, it just went over the top and I was extremely exhausted when we woke up at 2am to get to the airport.

Luckily for me I could sleep on the flight, not comfortably, but I did sleep – my head flopping back and forth from one side of my seat to the other.

When we booked this trip, we got a special deal, from Secret Escapes, including flight, hotel and a rental car, for us both for just 8000 dkk.

At the airport we couldn’t find the car rental stand for the car agency we’d booked with, and no one seemed to understand what we were saying.

Everyone here seems to be speaking Spanish, of course, and German. We are guessing most tourists in Mallorca are German? At the car rental, hotel, shops, everyone is trying to speak to us in German.

When we did manage to communicate about the car rental agency we were looking for, it turned out that we were going to be driven there.

We picked up a large Citroen and headed off to our hotel, BQ Apolo.

After dropping our bags off, we headed out almost immediately. We walked around the area where we’ll be living for the next 8 days. Ate lunch at the promenade facing the water and stopped soon after for ice-cream and Sangria.

Dinner was at a great little place, also on the water front. I tried Paella for the first time and Dennis had this steak that looked like it could have been at least 3. The meat had been fried on high heat, both sides but was still totally raw inside and he was given a grill, at the table, so he could finish cooking.

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