Land Run – Danish Style

The Land Rush – Roskilde Style

(Published in the Orange Press, June 30th, 2019. Written by Ester Rose Wadsworth)

Today brings us back, to that insane and desperate land run of the 18th century. Thousands waiting at the starting line. This was not merely a race to prove speed or strength, this was a race for home, for a new life, for survival! Horses and carriages emerged from massive dust clouds; the pioneers poured in. The historical land run.

Today, history repeats itself! Horses and carriages were replaced with handmade beer and music contraptions, tents, flags and sweaty festivalers.

This was the moment for the chosen, fastest runners, to represent their group, taking total inspiration from 2 centuries before. The fate of their camp was on them and you could feel the desperation. They ran with a passion. This too was a race for home. Home for the next week, of what we are sure will be another unforgettable festival of music, partying, gathering of friends and the orange feeling.

15:30 behind the fence, they seemed calm, happy, but focused. It was just a matter of minutes now. The relative quiet was broken by the instructions of the Festival Officer over the loudspeakers. Those with one type armband, those in the front, were allowed in first, then the next group and so on, he explained.

About 5 minutes before he gave the go-ahead, the press, waiting on the empty camping grounds, could hear the wild frenzy. They had broken through. The officer was shouting for them to stop, but it had begun, confetti and all.

This race went on in waves. One group after another sweating, sprinting, yelling for friends, fighting off other settlers. And yes, this was Denmark. These were Danes in that once-a-year, only-at-Roskilde Festival mood of wild abandon. Because this is the much-loved music festival, Roskilde 2019.

One camp, 16 people strong, pressed right up against the inside of the fence had planned it all out. One guy would run ahead in a yellow vest. >>Yellow so that we can find him later. And he will also be carrying a flag<< Said 23-year-old Jonas Stabell Hansen, in a comment to The Orange Press.

This first runner would be followed up with about 8, who would spread out tents to reserve the camp tent circle.

This group was one of the first to find their dream spot. Despite it feeling like a million degrees outside, the flag bearer, 23-year-old Alexander V smiled >>It’s really hot right now, but we are happy. We got the spot we wanted. We had to fight off some others, but that’s how it is. <<

They had chosen this spot because, >>It’s not too close to anything. It’s not too close to the food stalls, or toilets or stages, so it will be a good spot to chill. We try to scare people away till the rest of the team comes, >> Said Jonas. No lies here! We caught this every-team-for-themselves moment on camera. That whole hippy-love, orange feeling had absolutely not kicked in just yet.

Now it was time to relax, wait for the rest of their friends to arrive with the sound boxes and the undoubtedly warm beer.

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