Interview with Mikkeller General Store I MICROBREWERIES IN DK FEATURE

I’ve been working on a big feature, my biggest feature yet, on microbreweries in Denmark, and trends, the changing trends of beer drinking in Denmark.

Here’s one of the interviews, the recording of the interview with video from the store.

The Mikkeller Store

On a chilly Saturday in Vesterbro, I set out to interview some of the ones working for some of these craft breweries. There was one microbrewery bar, Fermentoren, that I’ve passed many times. It’s a cozy little bar partially hidden from the road by the hedges, that were a little over my height. They have a mini outdoor courtyard, which was packed at about 4pm that afternoon. I walked down into the basement, where the bar was. There was a long line at the bar, and the one bar tender working was focusing quietly on keeping up.

Maybe it was the little bit of afternoon sunshine, but it really looked like the little place was very popular, and it’s looked that way every time I’ve passed by. I decided it was a bad time to try to get an interview with the bartender. So, I walked on into Kodbyen, I knew Warpigs Brewpub was there. At this bar and barbeque place, in the industrial section of Vesterbro, just about all the seats were taken. I decided to try to come back at a different time, where hopefully the staff had a little more time.

Immediately next to Warpigs was The Mikkeller General Store. The Mikkeller brand was definitely on my to do list for places to interview for this feature. Not quite knowing what to expect I stepped in. The large glass window was letting in all the sunshine and this really warmed up the shop, when it was a cold and slightly rainy day otherwise.

The shop was cool with a mix between the industrial interior and the cartoon-ish art on all the beer and merch, including a mug with the ugliest version of the little mermaid. She was a mix of the Mikkeller cartoon guy, that sideways head with a massive nose, and a mermaid tail.

I was able to ask the guy at the sales counter for his opinion on microbreweries, his experience with customers, sales and the higher price for craft beer. And Dennis bought me the most expensive canned & bottled beer I’ve ever bought. Paid 70 dkk for a regular size can of beer and 140 for a bottle. I’ve paid as little at 20 dkk for half a liter of Carlsberg. These two are still sitting in my fridge because somehow, they seem too fancy to drink.

Here’s the soundtrack from the interview, along with clips from the shop.

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