Fatima Roskilde

Photo by Angelbear Photo

Always be yourself! Unless you can be a unicorn…then always be a unicorn! ūüôā

I’m pretty sure Marylin is right, “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” :p Don’t you think?

This suit became something of a mascot persona for me during a recent photo trip to Sweden. I discussed some photo ideas with a photographer and he suggested “grungy portraits”…then when it came to outfits, he said “bring your unicorn suit” :p and the above photo is the result of that. I loved the combi, and his work in general!

But the fact that I now own a unicorn suit at all, is because of a little job I did for¬†¬†FATIMA.DK. I think my co-model, and I wore, at least 5 different types of unicorn and a whole bunch of other animals as well. It was way too much fun to wear these, so I got the pink unicorn, and the photographer for the webshop set, Tonny Nathan,¬† took the shark, which btw went up to his knees because he’s one of the tallest people I know. :p

Here’s a peek at the suits, and a link to where you can find them. Do give this shop a look, they have the neatest collection of unique, alternate items.

Top Portrait by Angel Bear Photo


Suits on site photographed by Tonny Nathan Foto

Co-Model Morten Westermann


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