Dark Beauty Magazine 7.17

One of these images was picked up by Dark Beauty Magazine and published in their Feb print Issue, DBX 7.17. I’ve loved the curated photo feed of this magazine ever since I found them on Insta and it was so amazing to be featured alongside the other amazing Dark Beauty creators and artists.

This set was shot in the summer of 2017 and was something about my story at the time. It was about stereotypes, expression, frustration and change.

A girlfriend told me the other day, that I’ve changed… from a sweet girl to someone much more… she did the “kaaaabooomm” motion. I’m not entirely sure that is 100% a good thing. :p

But regardless of whether it’s been a change for the better or worse 😛 I do feel I was and have been coming into my own. Aware of it or not, I’ve begun recognizing what I want to be and do.

They called me a wallflower as a kid. One of those who watched life from a distance, afraid to jump in. Perhaps, finally I am gathering the guts to jump in. Not gracefully or beautifully, probably more like an awkward cannonball … but I’ve always been wildly clumsy, so…

As 2018 has begun, I’m really taking time out to think, about everything. It’s easy for me to get going on a million projects at once, but I need to define what is most important to me and why and then just find a way to fight for it.

Again, I have to give such a massive tribute to the amazing people in my life, family and friends and those who’ve supported me as I’ve landed and slowly built a life here in Denmark.

Photo set by Christian Nilsson

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