Danish Sugar Browned Potatoes

Since I began dating a chef, I have literally set foot in the kitchen twice. I made oatmeal, and barbecue sauce.

I am telling myself that it’s because he is so much better and faster in the kitchen and always knows what he wants to make next. Or maybe I’ve just got the princess-on-the-sofa-waiting-for-gourmet-food-syndrome.

But, with this Danish Christmas food project, I did try to help. And for this dish I did that bit where you roll the little potatoes in the sugary caramel sauce. This gives that brownish glaze.

A little note to non-danes is that the potatoes typically used are small and quite round. In Danish “nye-kartofler”or new potatoes.

After spending Christmas in Washington, right after filming these, I realized how many important ingredients are hard or impossible to find in America.

But I hope you can find what you need to make this dish, and please let me know what you think in the comments.

This is normally eaten with the Pork Roast featured in an earlier video.


Butter 50g

Small, round potatoes 200 g.

Sugar 150 g


Boil the potatoes

Melt sugar on the pan on low heat

Wait till the sugar is brown or caramelized

Add butter

Wait for the butter to melt and add the potatoes

Leave a few minutes and roll the potatoes in the sugar and butter

Turn off the heat and let these sit for a while, about 5 minutes, and then turn in the sugar sauce

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