Danish Pork Roast with Crackling

Spending Christmas away from Denmark this year? Here’s one way to bring Danish Christmas with you.

So, where are you spending Christmas?

As it turns out I am heading back to Washington this year, but promised my mom, who is originally Danish, that I would get all the traditional Danish Christmas recipes written out so that we could try to whip together a couple of them.

The idea grew and somehow I launched/dragged a pro into an afternoon/evening of all-out Christmas food prep, filming and then of course just eating the whole thing. Christmas totally came early.

I was not so much cooking as I was videoing and helping with the simple stuff, you know, stirring and peeking in the oven, tasting etc.

This project is also in collaboration with The Local Dk, an online paper for internationals. I think many of us, who have lived here, have tasted and grown to love Danish Christmas food, but perhaps haven’t seen or learned how to make any of it. The full menu, ingredients and method for the whole meal will be published on The Local Dk, along with this series of ‘how to’ videos.

So here is the first in a series of mini videos on the traditional Danish Christmas Eve menu. Christmas eve is the main Christmas day here btw.

This first video is on a to-die-for pork roast, in Danish, flæskesteg. This pork roast is served with the rind; it’s actually the big deal about this dish. Enjoy.




Boneless pork roast, with the rind

Course salt

Bay leaves

Pepper (optional)


  1. Start by slicing deep grooves in the rind (5mm or 1/5 inches apart) these grooves should be deep but not all the way down to the meat
  1. Pour a little water over the roast
  1. Sprinkle salt on and between the grooves in the rind (the salt helps the skin to get extra crisp)
  1. Place bay leaves in between the grooves
  1. Put the roast in the oven on 225 C / 440 F for 15 min
  1. Turn down to 200 C/ 400 F till the core temperature is 65 C/149 F degrees. This is to make the rind crispy.
  1. When it is done, take it out of the oven and let it rest for 15 min.
  1. Cut the roast in slices along the grooves in the rind.

If you have made your own, let me know how it went. Hope you loved this all-time Danish favorite.

Merry Christmas or Glædelig Jul

Chef: Dennis Andersen

Video: Ester Rose Wadsworth

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